Enovate eSeries WallStation EHR Workstations

Enovate Medical EHR WallStations provide secure access to data that empowers clinicians with decision-making information at the point-of-care.


The eSeries WallStations offer a variety of user-friendly features that allow for seamless integration, security and effortless functionality in busy hospitals and healthcare centers.

Three Models

Hallway WallStation with eSensor
4-Inch Ultra Thin Profile for Hallway Installation

Barcode WallStation with eSensor
Designed for Barcode Scanning in Patient Rooms
(The e750 WallStation is a recommended solution for Outpatient applications)

Medication WallStation with eSensor
Designed for Medication Storage in Patient Rooms


  • eSeries Features
  • Elegant Finishes to Match Hospital Decor
  • eDesk Worksurface and Medication Prep
  • Auto Retracting Keyboard Door
  • Push Button Height Adjustment
  • Auto On/Off Display
  • eSensor Patented System

When the user walks away from the eSeries WallStation, eSensor detects and closes the keyboard door automatically promoting HIPAA compliance for patient privacy. Additionally, the monitor automatically turns off for enhanced energy efficiency.

Control Panel

Provides quick keyless access with PIN codes and locks keyboard in open position. The push button height adjustment and automatic task light provide user convenience.

360 Degrees