Realize the full potential of your EHR system.


MobiusPower® 4.0 is the only long-lasting, high density, cordless battery system that keeps mobile workstations powered throughout the hospital shift.


EMC is a recommended solution for Medical-Surgical applications and Pediatrics.

  • Deliver uninterrupted, real-time EHR to the bedside without any downtime
  • Eliminate plugging, unplugging, and rebooting
  • Capture timely, accurate patient data – 24/7 – without disrupting the clinical workflow

Empower Nurses

  • UNINTERRUPTED CARE – A 25-minute alert eliminates battery concerns during the patient encounter.
  • REAL-TIME DATA – Charting becomes more timely, accurate, and actionable.
  • SIX-SECOND SWAP – A six-second battery pack swap delivers a fully-charged power supply.
  • CONTINUOUS POWER – A backup battery runs the PC during the swap.

Increase IT Efficiency

  • SAFER TECHNOLOGY – Panasonic® cells employ a revolutionary Heat Resistant Layer in combination with Enovate’s shielded isolation design allows the lithium battery to run cooler and safer.
  • SMALLER FLEETS – With no downtime for charging, you can reduce the number of workstations required.
  • SIMPLE REPLACEMENTS – The battery is external to the workstation so replacing a battery requires no disassembly.

Implement a Total Management Solution

  • MobiusPower 4.0 is part of Enovate’s total workstation solution that includes RHYTHM, the industry’s first cloud-based system to remotely monitor and manage your fleet of mobile EHR workstations.
  • RHYTHM helps identify end-of-life mobile device batteries and locate your workstations.
  • RHYTHM’s dashboard view allows IT staff to streamline service and optimize the real-time availability of the workstation fleet.

MobiusPower Options

MobiusPower Battery Pack

  • Lightweight, 5.5-Pound Swappable Lithium Battery Packs
  • High-Density 26.1 Amp Hours per Battery (290 Watt Hours)
  • 4-Year, 1600-Cycle Limited Warranty.

MobiusPower Charging Stations

  • Available in DuoPack (2-bay) and QuadPack (4-bay)
  • Works on a Standard 110-Volt AC Outlet
  • Contains a 15 AMP Breaker

MobiusPower Power Supply

  • Delivers High-Efficency DC Power
  • Powers up to 4 Devices
  • Optional Power Adapter
  • Powers System Without Battery
  • Recharges the Battery on the Workstation.


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  • IEC 60335 (MobiusPower Charging Station)
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