Völker 962-2

The Völker S 962-2 Hospital Bed meets a broad range of ward / acute care requirements. It allows patients to advance through the various steps to recovery and general patient wellbeing.


Patented. The Völker siderail system

It consists of separate elements that are split on both sides and can be adjusted to either one or two levels. This ensures that patients feel adequately protected from accidentally rolling out of the bed. As the siderails are highly versatile and robust, they can also assist mobilisation.

Comfortable. The Völker MiS® Micro-stimulation System

It detects even minor movements made by the patient. The lying surface then feeds these back through the mattress and to the patient’s body as tactile stimu-li. This continuous feedback increases the patient’s body perception, and pro-motes movement and blood circulation in the skin.

  • Electric Hi Lo
  • Electric backrest with contour adjustment
  • Electric knee-bend with leg lift function
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Position
  • Electric foot tilt, comfort position
  • S 962-2W Washable model is also available


  • The lying surface height can be adjusted from 40 cm to 80 cm
  • Laying surface width 90cm or 100cm
  • The Backrest can be raised up to an angle of max 70°
  • Trendelenburg Position
  • The Trendelenburg position can be adjusted up to an angle of 12°
  • The upper leg section of the lying surface can be raised up to an angle of max. 45°
  • The lower leg section can be moved manually to any position of maximum 16° angle by pulling on the mattress holder
  • Safe working load 250kg